Tailored Programs For Your Child

From Personalize Sessions That Are Designed Uniquely For Your Child To Fun & Exciting Yoga Themed Birthday Parties. We Have Options To Suit Your Needs

Why Personalized Yoga

Personalized Yoga is much more than just a yoga class. With many years of experience and specializing in working with children and their needs, We are able to customise a program and provide exactly what you need

Tailored for your child and their needs

Empowering physical strength and flexibility

Supporting your child to relax and sleep better

Build wellbeing and resilience

Building self-awareness

Personalised Kids Yoga Sessions

One on One Kids Yoga sessions are for children of all ages from 2 years old to Teens, providing an easily accessible way to bring yoga to your child while giving specialised attention to those particular areas you and your child’s needs. Yoga has the ability to help each and every one of us to be our best and most courageous selves.  Breathe and Flow Yoga brings all the tools your child will need to discover their most healthy, happy and loving bodies and minds.

Each yoga session will be specifically tailored to your child’s unique interests and will provide them with self-regulation tools, relaxation techniques, improved muscular strength and flexibility in a fun and creative atmosphere that they are familiar with, whether it be your home, a local park or another desired location. Breathe and Flow Yoga comes to you with all the necessary props and essentials to support your child in building a  practice that they can continue to use throughout their lives both on and off the mat.


Yoga Themed Birthday Parties

Breathe and Flow Yoga loves to host exciting and fun personalised yoga birthday parties for your child, created around any theme that they can think of! These include lots of yoga games, a gift for each child and the birthday child, facepaint, rainbow props and lots more fun- click below to message Sam and find out more!


Sam is a natural with children. My daughter loved her yoga class. Highly recommend Sam for yoga classes for all ages. His enthusiasm is infectious.

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Megan Cathro

Highly recommend! Sam is a kind, calm person who is wonderful with kids and is passionate about mindfulness.
It was a joy to see our children doing yoga with him, they really got into it!

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Rachel Irwin

It was an absolute blast having Sam and his suitcase full of fun take my children for a yoga class. I highly recommend Breathe and flow yoga. Something fun and friendly and your kids will totally love. Thanks Sam

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Skye Taylor