We Specialize In Yoga Classes For Early Learning Centres

Our program is designed in alignment with the
National Quality Standards (NQS) and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework 

Our Program

Our early learning yoga program is linked to the Early Learning Years Framework by including children’s interest and ideas, it helps provide strategies for children to self-regulate and calm themselves. The program also encompasses a gentle path into exercise and physical movement and ways for children to take increasing responsibility for their wellbeing.

Freqently Asked Questions

How long are the yoga sessions for ?

Depending on the age of the children the classes will go for roughly:

Toddlers - 15 mins
Pre Kindergarten - 20 mins
Kindergarten - 30 mins

What does a typical class look like ?

Yoga poses
Breathing techniques
Yoga games
Lots of FUN.
Massage and Meditation.

Does our centre pay you or does the parents pay you ?

That is up to you, all of the centres I teach at they pay for it themselves.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I’m insured with Guild Insurance for Public Liability.

When and how do we pay for your service ?

Depends if you sign up for a Term period of 10 weeks in advanced you will get a invoice before the Term to pay. Or you will receive a invoice weekly either emailed to you or printed out.

What discounts do you offer?

Breathe and Flow Yoga offers discounts for a when you sign up for a 2 hour centre package.

Are you qualified to teach Kids Yoga?

Yes I’m a qualified Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher and Adult Yoga Teacher.

Do you have a Blue Card and First Aid/CPR ?


Do you teach religion as apart of your yoga classes ?

Our classes do not involve religion in any way. Our classes focus on teaching techniques for positive thinking, stress management and healthy exercising habits through yoga.

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